Sample Knowledge Test #1


When you apply for a license or permit, Oregon law requires DMV to administer an examination. This examination asks questions about road signs, traffic laws and other information you need to know to drive in Oregon. All information necessary to pass this test is included in the Oregon Driver Manual (English or Spanish).

You can test your knowledge with DMV's sample knowledge test. This sample test is provided to show you the type of questions asked on the knowledge test and to demonstrate how the test is conducted in the field office.

You will see your test results after you answer the 10 questions. You may click on the "Status" button to see a summary of how you are doing at any time during the test. To retake the quiz, select the "Restart Test" button at the end of the test.

Other tests available:

·  El DMV ofrece una versión en Español de este examen #1 o #2

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For additional information or additional sample test questions, please see the Oregon Driver Manual.

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